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        BSLBATT Chinese Powerwall- Battery Storage System - 3.3 kWh

        Chinese Powerwall - Battery Storage System - 3.3 kWh – this is an independent review for BSLBATT - Battery Storage System - 3.3 kWh we have compiled for your reference. Feel free to add your comments or experiences at the bottom of the page.

        • BSL3300U
        • BSLBATT
        Inverter: :
        Usable Capacity::
        Round Trip Efficiency: :

        Product Description

        home battery cost

        Wisdom Power - Home Battery Storage System - 3.3 kWh

        Measuring just 65 x 48 x 19 centimeters, the BSLBATT Home Battery 3.3 kWh is a compact wall-mounted solution perfectly suited to domestic environments where space is limited. Available in five classes (3.3 kWh, 5 kWh, 7kwh, 10kwh and 13.5 kWh), the BSLBATT Home Battery is plug & play and easily integrate with smart home systems.

        Key Features

        Plug & Play - fast install

        ● Compact all-in-one system

        ● Storage capacity-optimized for homes

        ● Seamless integration with smart home systems

        ● Intuitive software & app for easy monitoring

        ● Wall mountable & adjustable

        ● Increase self-consumption – less reliant on grid import

        ● 10-year warranty

        ● 16-year brand history

        Technical Data

        ● Nominal system capacity - 6.5 kWh

        ● Nominal system performance - 2.5 kW

        ● Dimensions (wxhxd) - 650 x 480 x 190

        ● Efficiency (Charge &amp; Discharge) - 90%

        ● Capacity in Ah - 50Ah

        ● Weight - 45 kg

        ● Operating Temperature Range: –20°C to 50°C (–4°F to 122°F)

        Main Parameter

        Items Parameter
        Basic Parameter Battery Type LiFePO4
        Nominal Voltage 51.2V
        Nominal Capacity 63Ah
        Energy 3226Wh
        Working voltage range 49V~57.6V
        Weight ~48kg
        Dimension 650*480*190mm
        Housing material Hard steel case
        Charging Parameter Max Charging Voltage 57.6V
        Charging Method CC/CV
        Standard Charging Power <3kw
        Max. Charging Power <5kw
        Discharging Parameter Discharge Cut-off Voltage 49V
        Standard Continuous Discharge Power <5kw
        Max. Continuous Discharge Current <6kw
        Temperature Cycle Life > 3650 cycles @0.5C @ 80%DOD
        Charge Temperature Range 0~45ºC
        Discharge Temperature Range -20~60ºC
        Recommended Operating Temperature 15~35ºC
        Self-Discharge Rate (Residual capacity) ≤3%/month; ≤15%/years
        Self-Discharge Rate (Reversible capacity) ≤1.5%/month; ≤8%/years
        Storage Temperature & Humidity Range      (Less than 1 month) -20~35ºC, 45~75%RH
        Storage Temperature & Humidity Range       (Less than 3 months) -10~35ºC, 45~75%RH
        Recommended Storage Temperature & Humidity Range 15~35ºC, 45~75%RH

        Battery Appearance Drawing

        Compatible Inverters


        BSL powerwall solar ess

        solar system

        Powerwall ESS Lithium Battery Solar Energy Storage is new environmentally friendly backup power system focus on short-time and high-rate discharge scenarios. The environmentally friendly lithium ion battery configured with high-performance BMS, has a wide range of performance and application advantages compared with conventional battery. And the leader chemical technology, BMS technology and system design capabilities will bring excellent performance and reliability, and also provide the best solutions for industrial applications.



        Passed the below abuse and safety test-short-circuit, dropping, nail penetration, impact, crush, thermal shock, over-charge,over-discharge: no fire, no explosion with stable chemical structure.




        WHY CHOOSE US ? 

        1. Experience - More than 10 years Specialized in lithium battery. 

        2. Certification - CE,UL,MSDS,Test Report from National Center For Quality Supervision and Inspection of Battery Products approved.

        3. Quality Control - 37 production process,7 steps quality check to promise stable quality and high reliability for you.

        4. Best Material - Insist on choosing top quality cell, material and accessories,lithium battery last longer time.

        5. Fresh battery - All battery is fresh Production.

        Since 2003, BSLBATT provides electric energy more efficiently and reliably as best solution. Powerwall charges by day and powers at night for residential solar system with compact, affordable and easy installation features.

        (+86) 752 2819 469

        E-Commerce Industrial Park, Huizhou Road, Huicheng  Dist ,Huizhou, Guangdong Province,China



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